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The Adventurous Guitar

The Spanish guitar in the hands of a composer…. Own pieces and improvisations based on own themes or concepts, jazz standards, flamenco rhytm or themes of classical composers. The use of amplified classical guitar is essential. Sometimes I also bring the quartertone flute, loop pedals, laptop and/or electric guitar.  I used to use projections and combine image and music, but nowadays I prefer to have the audience make their own pictures in the mind.


The Intimate Guitar 

In an intimate concert I show my romantic side with pieces from the classical and Latin repertoire like F. Sor, F. Tarrega, H. Villa Lobos, A. Piazzolla or A. Lauro, contrasting in the next moment with renaissance and baroque composers like J. Dowland,  L. de Nervaez, J. S. Bach or D. Scarlatti and my own jazz flamenco pieces, free improvisations or soundscapes. My own pieces are most of the time semi- improvised and influences from jazz musicians like K. Jarrett, B. Evans or C. Mingus, but also from all time composers J. S. Bach, C. Debussy or O. Messiaen, G. Ligetti are noticeable.  

I Like to play in normal concert halls, but also in gardens, parks, churches, living rooms, etc. This performance can serve very well to complement events like a wedding, business meeting, museum visit, art market etc. In good acoustics I use my concert guitar and in open air situations I use my amplified electro acoustic classical model.

Flute and electronics

My own pieces for quartertone flute and use of pedal and live electronics and electronic playback. Most of my pieces allow improvisation and the use of so called extended techniques as singing/playing, multiphonics, continual breathing, whispertones….. I switch easily from many styles and sometimes you hear flamenco, sometimes, neo baroque, jazz or oriental sound and mood. Influences from flutists like Robert Dick, Sam Most, James Newton and composers like O. Messiaen, K. Stockhausen, G. Ligetti and Gerard Grisey.

Duo, Trio, Ensemble


Duo with sheng player Wu Wei

We play our own music and conceptual improvisations and baroque music. wu Wei is an exceptual musician and mixes easily contemporary western music, baroque and Chines folklore. We meet in between in a concert where I use amplified classical guitar, quartertone flute and electric guitar.

Duo with jazz oboe player Maripepa Contreras

A new duo, a very beautifull combination: oboe with guitar. We play our own pieces and some pieces by Sam Most and Ralph Towner and Bruno Maderna

Duo with percussionist Ángel Pereira

Free improvisations and compositions of Christiaan de jong, use of amplified classical guitar with effect pedals and flute

Globus Ensemble

Different programmes with top musicians from Barcelona and Holland:


Tiempos: relating renaissance music with new compositions inspired by Don Quijote. 

Quartet project: cello/bass, trumpet, saxophones and amplified classical guitar with new jazzy pieces, composed by      Christiaan de Jong

Haikus: programme based on Japanese haikus with butoh dance

Lorca: a programme based on life and poems by this great Spanish poet

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