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Christiaan de Jong (composer, guitarist and flutist)
Christiaan de Jong is based both in Barcelona and Amsterdam and is an eclectic composer, who finds his inspiration in many kinds of music, varying from renaissance to jazz, from Japanese or Indian classical to flamenco. Also he gets his inpration from nature, poetry or paintings, to be heard for example in his works dedicated to F. G. Lorca, Antoni Gaudi, his own paining father or A. Tàpies. Some of his pieces are just structures or directions, which serve as a base for improvisation and other pieces are worked out in detail. Some pieces are very rhythmic and others are more based on pure sound. He likes fast changes between moods. he composed for soloists to symphony orchestras, for jazz quartets to big bands. Sometimes he likes to combine exotic instruments from different cultures and sometimes he uses live electronics or "tape". On many occasions he mixes improvisational elements and defined composed parts.

He composed for:  Trio Sekwenza, Ensemble Barcelona Nova Musica, Christiaan de Jong Ensemble, Duo Daniel Ahlert & Birgit Schwab (guitar and mandolin), Grupo Circulo (Madrid), Banda Municipal de Barcelona, Duo Cuypers /Lop (sax /electric guitar), Josetxo Silguero (tenor saxophone and CD), Duo Matthijs Koene & Stefan Gerritsen (pan flute and guitar), Duo Wiek Hijmans & Anna McMichael (electric guitar and violin), Dutch group "Orkest De Volharding", Barcelona Percussion group, Harry Sparnaay (Bass clarinet and tape), Trío Silvia and Harry Sparnaay+ Christiaan de Jong (e-guitar, bassclarinet, church organ) Marcel Worms( piano + electronics), Ruth Lluis( piano + electronics), Sound of Colors Ensemble +Beatrice Voellmy, Ensemble BB, pieces for Globus Ensemble, Trío Arbos, Pentatiek, (reed quintet)