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flutist /guitarist (Rotterdam, Holland 1960)

As a guitarist I mainly concentrate on playing my own music on the amplified classical guitar. Lately I like very much to addapt techniques and sounds from jazz, rock and funk to the classical guitar as well as rhytms from the flamenco tradition, which results in a quitte personal style.

As a flutist I like to play free jazz and avantgarde contemporary music.

I play concerts solo and with various ensembles in venues troughout Europe and work as a teacher. I play in important festivals and main theatres, but espacially as a classical guitar player I also like the direct contact with audiance. in more intimate concert sitiuations, gardens, little churches, living rooms, etc.

An influence on my way of playing had directly o indirectly guitarists like Julian Bream, Leo Brouwer, Ralph Towner, Joe Pass, Andres Segovia, Paco de Lucía, Steve Vai, Jimi Hendrix and flutists like Frans Brügen, Barthold Kuijken, James Galway, Trevor Wye, James Newton, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Robert Dick.

I play all kind of genres and styles and am open for all good music, but most of all I concentrate on playing contemporary music, especially my own compositions or works written for me.

From 2000 I have been playing the Eva Kingma system 1/4 toon flute, which enables me to play microtonal music which we find so much in "etnic" music, jazz, flamenco en western contemporary composed music. I play transverse in both contemporary and baroque music.

I started out on the Spanish guitar but later I became atracted by the electric guitar, which I use now in contemporary composed music, jazz and free improvisation. The electric guitar can sound very sweet like a Spanish guitar but also very rough like heavy metal. Using pedals and sometimes combining electronics it's an ideal instrument, rich in colors for contemporary chamber music.

I played composed and improvised music with musicians like Michael Benedik, Michael Svoboda, Luc Houtkamp, Frances Marie Uitti, Wiek Hijmans, J. Mª Balanyà, Ananda Sukarlan, Robert Dick, Harry Sparnaay, Xu Fengxia, Jorrit Dijkstra, Oene van Geel, Markus Stockhausen, Tara Bouman.

I founded many ensembles like Trio Sekwenza, Ensemble Barcelona Nova Musica, Christiaan de Jong Ensemble, Intelligent Sound Ensembe en Globus.
I was soloist with Grupo Circulo (Spanje) and Banda Municipal de Barcelona(Spanje).