Trio Sekwenza

Trio Sekwenza is a unique improvising chamber music ensemble. The group is founded in 1995 by the Dutch composer/flute- guitar player Christiaan de Jong, the American/Hungarian composer/cellist Michael Babinchak and the Cuban guitar player Javier Olondo.

The trio has specialised in all kinds of instrumental improvisation, free, with rules, half composed,...

The most interesting aspect is the use of all kinds of unexpected sounds by all three, whether playing completely acoustic or amplified, with or without electronics.

The trio has played in "Jornadas de Música del siglo XX de Segovia", " Setmana Internacional de Música Experimental de Barcelona" , "Festival Grec de Barcelona" , "Ciclo de la Música del Siglo XX de Barcelona", "Festival Novantiga de Morella", Festival de Músicas Especiales de Vespella de Gayà".

Guest musicians: Max Sunyer, electric guitar, Josep María Balanyà, piano, Bernat Bailbé, organ, Mike Svoboda trombone y Luc Houtkamp, tenor sax and electronics. As individual players the components have participated in a conduction of Butch Morris.

Christiaan de Jong: flutes

Michael Babinchak: violoncello

Javier Olondo: guitar

Critics of the CD "Simple and Complex" and concerts:

Jesus Torres, composer winner Gaudeamus prize 95: "three extraordinary musicians -"

David del Puerto, composer: "-The combination of instruments sounds very rich and balanced, extraordinary playing, individually as well as ensemble.

David Picó S., critic of Catalan newspaper "Avui" and music review "Catalunya Música": "The Trio hasd the gift to be natural. That's why the most expressive moments of the concert where to be heard in the improvisations, which were the highlight of the concert".



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