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C_de_Jong.jpg (41036 bytes) 1. Own works and solo improvisations . Christiaan de Jong; flutes, electric guitar, Spanish guitar, electronics, eventually combined with workshops for classical musicians or musicteachers, etc.

improvising soloist and improvisation director with local ensembles or orquestras


fuelyagua.jpg (53923 bytes)2. Fuel y Agua. Christiaan de Jong: amplified Flute with pedals and electronic playback. Music written moved by the ecological disaster before the Coast of Galicia in Spain in 2002.

50 minutes of meditative and still active music in candlelight


erasmusboek.gif (31891 bytes)3.  Erasmus meets Cervantes .............Christiaan de Jong; flutes, electric guitar, electronics. Music with texts by Erasmus and Cervantes  based on music by composers like Luis Milan, J.P. Sweelinck, Jacob van Eyck, John Dowland and the general culture of their time. 



brueg5.jpg (336946 bytes)4. Painting Music Solo: music inspred by the work of painters like Antoni Tàpies, Leo de Jong, Francisco Goya, Diego Velazquez, Pieter Breugel (eventually with computer animated slideshow/video)



tapiescadira.jpg (227682 bytes)5. "A. Gaudí and A. Tapies": .Christiaan de Jong; flutes, electric guitar, electronics. Music inspired by and based on  Catalan painter Antoni Tapies and architect Antoni Gaudi, landscapes, poems by Maragall and Verdaguer, with computer animated slideshow/video



fotomarijndejong1.gif (25480 bytes)6. Moving Pictures. Christiaan de Jong; flutes, electric guitar, electronics. Music with computer animated portrait photographs by outstanding Dutch photografer and brother Marijn de Jong (new production in preparation 2007 2008




  1. "Haiku": Christiaan de Jong Ensemble (dúo - 5tet with electronics) guitar, electronics, music based on ancient japanese haikus, and compositions of contemporary japanese composers (with EBNM also other occidental composers)

  2. "Ferias", Christiaan de Jong Ensemble, music based on poems by Federico García Lorca (with EBNM also other composers)

  3. "Painting Music", Ensemble Barcelona Nova Música (EBNM) multimedia concert based on the work of different painters

  4. "Tiempos", Ensemble Barcelona Nova Música (EBNM), transcriptions of Spanish renaissance and baroque composers and works by contemporary composers , who wrote works for the project, inspired by Spanish renaissance and baroque composers

  5. "Fairytailes' Globus Ensemble and Ensemble Barcelona Nova Música. New production for march 2007. Concert version and musical education project

  6. "Folklore from Nowhere",Christiaan de Jong Ensemble, jazz by Christiaan de Jong for violin, saxophones/trumpet, electric guitar and percussion (or duo violin/percussion and electric guitar/flute duo with Oene van Geel or Ernesto Briceño)

  7. Flute- piano and electronics   jazzy contemporary music by Christiaan de Jong for flute

  8. Flamenkando, contemporay flamenco with EBNM + Jeronimo Maya flamenco guitar

  9. Heavy Metal for strange instruments


improvisation and spontanious concerts in duo or trio ( evt. in combination with improvisation workshops)

duos and trios with the followng musicians  Mike Svoboda, Wolter Wierbos (trombone), Wiek Hijmans (contemporary electric guitar), Garth Knox (viola, viola d'amore),  Wu Wei (shen, traditional Chinese instruments),   David Chevalier (guitars),  Ere Lievonen (prepared piano, harpsichord,organ), Toni Meler (percussion), Franck Vigroux (turntables/electronica), Mark Feldman, see also Christiaan de Jong Ensemble