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 Olivier Messiaen developed his modes and rhytmic ideas of valeurs ajoutées.

Himself he stated not to like jazz, mainly because of the forcing (dance?) rhytm and the fact that real innovations don´t come from jazz


But for an improviser or composer, jazz or classical orientated, the work of O. Messiaen can be a rich source of inspiration.


Interesting articles about the subject:

when improvising we can think of

- use his modes in a jazz way and construct chords on the notes, using only the mode notes

- use the rhytmic ideas of valeurs ajoutées, which, for example to create moments of organised rubato feel, while still be very precise. in jazz it can be a great contrast to use sections of swing and suddenly create another rhytmic ambience.


example of a guitarist using the modes by O. Messiaen: Nelson Veras