The Intelligent Sound Ensemble

Christiaan de Jong: electric and amplified classical guitar and amplified flutes, laptop, composition

Franck Vigroux: turntable, live electronics, electric guitar, composition

Intelligent sound refers to the defenition of music by   frenchborn American composer Edgar Varèse, who's composing was based on complex theoretical princples, which broke down the distinctions between noise and music, dissonance and consonance.

The ISE is always looking for new ways of making music of all kinds of musical tradition from all cultures and periods. The music can be completely improvised but also written out in traditional western notation, and also grafical scores or even projected animations or pictures can serve as structures for pieces.. C_de_Jongbn.jpg (65727 bytes)

Original music without fear of using material from   composers from the past  like J. Dowland, G.F. Telemann, J.P. Sweelink, W.A. Mozart, E. Varese or O. Messiaen, but also the sound of japanese shakuhishi flute, mongolian singing, african rythms, blues, extreme noise, ambient, nature, poems or philosofical thougths.

The Intelligent Sound Ensemble has played    concerts with Wiek Hijmans (electric guitar), Harry Sparnaay (bass clarinet) and Xu Fengxia (ghuzeng/voice) and Jorrit Dijkstra(saxophones/electronics) and Riccardo Massari Spritini (turntable, live electronics, composition)


demo mp3 fragments (2002, Riccardo Massari Spritini: turntables and Christiaan de Jong: electric guitar):

xmp3 Hey There ! 

xHitting the Blues  mp3

xTransparent   mp3

xWalking together  mp3

xCualquier Ciudad en la Luna  mp3

mp3 with electronic playbacks, solo and duo:

Onweer en Klaprozen (emplified classcal guitar, pitchswift pedal and electronic playback)

Donders! electronic playback with improvised transverse flute and guest Eric Vloeimans on trumpet



Christiaan de Jong
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