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Different aproaches towards improvisation:

There are many different ways we can improvise. We just put sounds and silence in a satisfying order. We can do that on traditional instruments or just use a table, kitchen equipment, our voice, etc. We can do that alone or with a group or even an orchestra.

This website deals with guitar, especially the classical nylon guitar. Some people will come from the classical guitar tradition and have "only" studied written repertoire, others will come from rock, pop or blues/ jazz tradition.

In the lessons, which I propose on this website I will give ideas and excercises into different directions. Itīs interesting, it seems to me, to try to connect different traditions and come to new ways of expression and new ways to explore the guitar.


1.  jazz tradition

2. ideas from classical contemporary music

3. ideas from flamenco

4. non musical inspiration (poetry, nature, personal relations, etc.)

5. improvisation as a way to practice composed music

6. improvisation as a way to study technique

7. improvisation in the lessons with children