donquijote1.jpg (45662 bytes)Damas y Caballeros

Ensemble Barcelona Nova Música /   Globus Ensemble (Amsterdam)

Dutch Spanish

A programme inspired by the spirit and time of Don Quijote de la Mancha, the masterwork written by M. de Cervantes. Ensemble Barcelona Nova Música   and Globus Ensemble from Amsterdam, both founded by Christiaan de Jong are joined in this project where old and new blend in a fresh, original and still natural way together.  One  can hear the beautifull and in old music specialized voice  of  Valeria Mignaco acompinied by the renaissance lute, but also by the electric guitar. One will hear the whole family of grandfather   lute, mother Spanish guitar and son electric guitar with distortion and all in the same piece.  Like in the book of Cervantes in which different times in history come together in  frame stories,  the concert will bring us from one advenure till the next. One will hear in one moment an old music ensemble, in the next a jazz group, using live electronics and all and then  in    an other moment a contemporary arab - andalusion group from some place in the south of Spain. And not to forget a futuristic vision from the past towards the days of Spain based Italians like Scarlatti and Boccherini.


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Christiaan de Jong:  1/4 de tone flute ,  baroque transverse flute and  electric guitar , artistic director
Sadahiro Otani / Stefan Gerritsen: Spanish guitar
Luis I. Gascón: saxophones and recorder
Sandrine Robilliard:
Àngel Pereira: percussion
Matthew Simons:
Mary Oliver:  violin  
Valeria Mignaco: soprano
Alfonso Marin Lopez-Salazar: renaissance lute





A CD will  be recorded, concerts in Spain and Holland in 2007


programme example with mp3 fragments

Tomás Luis de Victoria ......   Missa O Magnum Mysterium (trumpet, violin, saxophone, cello) arr. C. De Jong mp3 live fragment

Christiaan de Jong: ..........     Damas y caballeros (trumpet, recorder, guitar., violin, violoncello, percussion.) mp3 live whole piece

                                ...........    Suspiras de Dulcinea  ( soprano, lute,  violín and baroque transverse flute) mp3 live fragment

Luis Milán: ........................    Vos dezeys que me quereys ben (soprano and renaissance lute)

Christiaan de Jong: ............. Vos dezeys que me quereys ben (soprano, trumpet, saxophone and electric guitar) mp3 live fragment

Luis Milán: ........................    Agora viniesse un viento   (soprano and renaissance lute)

Christiaan de Jong: ............. La Señora Oriana Dulcinea del Toboso (soprano, baroque tr. flute, trumpet, saxophone and  lute, guitar, percussion) mp3 whole piece

Alonso Mudarra:..................   Claros y frescos ríos (soprano and lute)

Christiaan de Jong: ..............Más aventuras y desaventuras del Quijote   "Don Quijotte op de Kinderdijk" violin, electric guitar,
                                               cello, alto saxophone, trumpet, percussion, guitar and lute mp3 live fragment

Carl Christian Bettendorf : .....Algunos Versos de Don Quijote de la Mancha 

Christiaan de Jong:...............Más aventuras y desaventuras del Quijote: "Sancho Panza lleva una carta de Don Quijote aDulcinea" mp3 live fragment

Riccardo Massari Spiritini:.....Inventione Scarlatta (2004) (trumpet.,flute, guitar., violin., violoncello. saxophone alto,  percussion)

Globus/ EBNM...................    conduction based on works by Luigi Boccherini  with text by M. de Cervantes                    

Text:  Luis Milán   and Miguel de Cervantes


Composers, who composed, are composing or will compose for the project:

Spain: Riccardo Massari Spiritini
Holland: Christiaan de Jong, Chiel Meyering, Gerard Baljon
England: Alastair Greig
Germany: Carl Christian Bettendorf 

other composers: Luis de Milan, Alonso de Mudarra, Luigi Boccherini; T. Luis de Victoria

review Süddeutsche Zeitung:

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According to the wishes of the inviting festival or revue the programme can contain more contemporary or more old music, more classical or more experimental improvisation/jazz sound or / and electronics


for more information or booking, please write to or


34 - 934870765 (Spain)

31 - 06 25055552 (Holland)


"Damas y Caballeros" is a  production of Projecte Internacional d'Influencies Musicals with the support of Instituto de Cultura de Barcelona and Generalitat de Catalunya