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Christiaan de Jong Ensemble                          

"I have played many styles of music, from renaisance to post serialism, from tango and flamenco to jazz, from minimalism to new complexity. I love the music of John Dowland, J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, Elliott Carter, O. Messiaen, Frank Zappa, Paco de Lucía, Steve Vai, Anton  Webern, Astor Piazzola, Pink Floyd, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Jimmi Hendrix, Willem Breuker,  K. Stockhausen, E. Varèse, I. Stravinsky, ...

My composing and improvising is a result of being in touch with all these musics, nature, citylife, other cultural events, politics and life in general."

The Christiaan de Jong Ensemble is a concept of a group, playing mainly my own compositions, with most of the time improvisation involved,  with musicians from different fields of music with whom I share this broad interest, and can vary from a duo to a chamber ensemble to a jazz quartet. "


"He estudiado y tocado muchos estilos de música: barroca-nueva complejida-minimalismo-pos serialismo, jazz, flamenco tango, música hindú. Me gustan mucho:John Dowland, J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, Elliott Carter, O. Messiaen, Charlie Parker, Frank Zappa, Paco de Lucía, Anton  Webern, Astor Piazzola, Pink Floyd, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Jimmi Hendrix, Willem Breuker,  E. Varèse, K. Stockhausen, I. Stravinsky, ...

Mi componer y tocar es un resultado de estar en contacto con todas estas músicas, la cultura en general, la politica y la vida cotidiana.

El Christiaan de Jong Ensemble es un conjunto variable tocando mis composiciones o las de los compañeros o "improvisación libre" y puede ser un duo, una orquesta de camara hasta un grupo de jazz contemporáneo"

duos / trios

Duo Christiaan de Jong & Mike Svoboda (trombone) (improvisation and own pieces)
2. Duo Christiaan de Jong & Wiek Hijmans (electric guitar) (improvisation and own pieces)
3.Trio Christiaan de Jong & Pierre Levy (saxophones)  & Toni Meler drums (jazz, contemporary) **
4. Duo Christiaan de Jong & Robert Dick (flutes)(improvisation and and own pieces) **
5. Duo Christiaan de Jong & Ernesto Briceño (violin, electronics, percussion) (jazz/flamencojazz, own pieces) **
6. Duo Christiaan de Jong & Sadahiro Otani (guitar) (classical, all periods, special project: Haikus) **
7. Trío Christiaan de Jong & Toni Meler (percussion) & Rafael Esteve (jazz,   contemporary) **
8 Duo Christiaan de Jong & Garth Knox (viola) (contemporary improvisation and own pieces)
9.Duo Christiaan de Jong & Oene van Geel (violin/viola/percussion)  improvisation / jazz

** = demo availible

special projects

"Pintura en Acción"
Action painting / concert with painter Leo de Jong involved

"Folklore from Nowhere", jazzy compositons by Christiaan de Jong, quartet with violin, saxophone or trumpet, electric guitar and percussion (Globus), or in duo with violinist Oene van Geel

"The New Rock Experience" atonal heavy metalical composiciones (electric guitar, bass, recorderduo , drums)---2005 - 2006

Christiaan de Jong New JazzQtet original composed music with improvisational elements, for el. bass, flute with effect pedals, electronics, piano and drums (2006 - 2007


 musicians who have collaborated in the past or will  collaborate in the next future:


Harry Sparnaay: bass clarinet

Mike Svoboda trombone                                                                                  

Wiek Hijmans electric guitar

Luc Houtkamp, Jorrit Dijkstra sax and electronics

Marta Fiol, Carmen Sanchez soprano

Frances Marie Uitti, Paul Stouthamer, Michael Babinchak, Sandrine Robillard violoncello

Eric Rynes, Néstor Eidler, Oene van Geel violin

Bernat Bailbé organ

Riccardo Massari Spiritini DJ, live electronics,

Ananda Sukarlan, Josep María Balanyà, Ralph van Raat: piano

Rafael Esteve,  Corrado Canonici double bass

Robert Dick flutes

Pierre Levy, Liba Vilavecchia, saxophone 

Toni Meler, Ángel Perreira: percussion, drums

Michael Benedik, Javier Olondo, Sadahiro Otani: guitar

Xu Fengxia: guzheng, voice